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Golden Art

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You've stumbled upon my, golden_moment's aka Amanda's, icon and art journal. As stated on the sidebar, this is mostly icons for the time being, but I plan on changing that once some of my time frees up.

1.) Please credit in your info or key words.
2.) Please do not pass off as your own.
3.) Got a question? ASK! I'll be happy to help!
4.) Only make requests in the Request Post.
5.) Nominating is fine, but please let me know where.
6.) Please leave a comment. I appreciate all of them, good and constructive criticism. Flames are used to grill hot-dogs.
7.) Hotlink and I'll shoot you.

I doth be looking for affiliates. Leave me a comment, or email me at mandieos[at]hotmail.com Your journal must be an icon journal.

Resource List Coming Soon